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Mark Fredesjed R. Cristino is a Filipino photographer who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. In his active days, Mark's life was skateboarding, football and music. A freak accident in football (fracturing his ankle) and meeting a chief photographer in Manila led him to focus on photography. Mark worked for a market research company, before switching career and went to school to pursue a Diploma in Photojournalism at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University. He started out shooting skateboarding and football then rugby, basketball, surfing and all other sports. Later on he met more people in the photojournalism industry and ventured into street, news and documentary photography.


Mark is currently based in Beijing, China working as staff photographer for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) shooting photo and video coverage of news, politics, sports, culture, entertainment and various events. Mark pretty much shoots anything to keep him happy.



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+63 915 7633 519 / +86 13641006413
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